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- Who is Clement Batté?

Well, I am 21 years old man, born in France. As of right now I am 7 times Finswimming open water world champion. I won 4 gold medals in Columbia in 2021 and 3 golds In Italy this year. My finswimming career, however, started quite recently, in September 2020. Before that I was doing classical swimming in the open water.

- Can you tell us more about you last completion. Out of 3 gold medals, which one was the hardest to win? And which distance was the hardest to complete?

Open water championship in Italy was very interesting and quite intense, a lot of great athletes came there and I enjoyed good sportsmanship. I competed in 3 distances and was lucky to win all of them: 1000m bifins, 3000m bifins and 4x150m relay. The hardest distance for me was 3k bifins, as all competitors stayed together, till the last couple hundred meters, so final sprint was quite hard, but that is what makes it so exiting!

- Speaking about excitement. What brings out more emotions: swimming an individual race or a relay?

Personally, I prefer individual race, but relays are also great and very spectacular. In Italy we had a great team, and I was very happy to share the victory with my friends!

- Can you tell us about your coaches and your preparation for competitions?

Nowadays, I train with Thomas Chastagner. He was my only coach since September 2020. Back in the days, when I was doing classical swimming I used to train with Frank Warlop. Training sessions were tough, but I trusted my coach and he always made sure I am ready for the competition.

- How do you feel about open water competitions, as they are so much different from the competitions in he swimming pool?

Open water is undoubtedly very different from swimming poll competitions. There are plenty of factors which can influence your performance: weather, water current, wind and waves, swimming in the sea or in a lake... All in all, I would say that open water is more unpredictable than swimming pool, but that gives it special charm. And actually really enjoy it, especially in the place so magnificent, as Viverone lake.

- In conclusion, can you tell us what what prospects you see for the development of finswimming? Nad how can we make it more popular?

I believe that finswimming should e broadcasted regularly. There are so many great competitions that simply go unnoticed. Perhaps on TV, in the magazine or even on some website. It would also be beneficial to advertise our sport internationally, to attract more people.
Interview with Clement Batté
7 time open water world champion
If you want to stay up to date with all the news, subscribe to our newsletter. In the first letter, we will send a checklist for training sessions as a gift.

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